Compy Dental Bone

Compy Dental Bone. Supplementary food for adults dogs. Compy Dental Bone is a snack that cares for your dog's teeth. By chewing it, its shape, composition and texture help control plaque and tartar formation, helping to keep teeth healthy and strong.
192 g
Fresh breath thanks to mint and parsley
Helps control plaque and tartar formation
Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, oils and fats, meat and animal derivatives.
Protein 5.5%
Fat content 2%
Crude fibre 1%
Inorganic matter 2%
Humidity 18%
Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 2,500IU, Vitamin D3: 200IU.
Organoleptic additives: Mint and parsley oils: 0.02%.


VERY IMPORTANT: This snack is not suitable for puppies under 6-8 months old or for dogs weighing less than 5 kg. DON'T FORGET to provide clean and fresh water freely available.

Small breeds (8 kg) 2 bones/week
Medium breeds (15 kg) 3.5 bones/week
Large breeds (30 kg) 6 bones/week