Compy Dental Stick

Compy Dental Stick. Supplementary food for adults dogs of medium and large breeds. Dental Stick for teeth care favors the dental hygiene of your dog. It's a delicious treat that when chewed thanks to its active ingredients and the physical effect made by its shape and texture, it helps to control the formation of plaque and tartar providing a fresh breath.
208 g
Low fat and no added sugar
Teeth and gum care
Contributes to a fresh breath with mint
Helps control plaque and tartar formation
Cereals, vegetable by-products (cellulose 4%, mint 0.1%), meat and animal derivatives, minerals.
Protein 6%
Fat content 1.6%
Crude fibre 3%
Inorganic material 3.7%
Humidity 19%
Nutritional additives: Vitamin C (ascorbyl monophosphate sodium): 360mg.

Preservatives, antioxidants, colorants.

To help keep your dog teeth and gums healthy and strong we recommend 1 stick a day.


Offer your dog as a reward or simply to give him satisfaction. Supervise your dog when you are giving the product. VERY IMPORTANT: This product is not suitable for puppies. DON'T FORGET to clean the water and food containers daily. It is VERY IMPORTANT to provide clean and fresh water freely available.