Compy Hearts

Compy Hearts. Supplementary food for adult dogs of any size. Delicious and juicy heart-shaped snacks that will delight your dog for its soft, easily chewable texture and its elaboration with fresh chicken. Ideal for dogs with sensitive gums and teeth or accustomed to a wet diet. Thanks to the contribution of yeast walls source of MOS and Beta-Glucans , it helps the animals to have a better digestive health and helps boost the immune system.
350 g
With fresh chicken
Helps boost immune system
Meat and animal derivatives (min. 4% fresh chicken, min. 4% turkey), cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, various sugars, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, yeast cell walls (500mg/kg).
Protein 25%
Fat content 12%
Crude fibre 2%
Inorganic matter 8.5%
Humidity 20%
Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 20,000IU, Vitamin D3: 1,500IU, Vitamin E: 120mg, Iron (iron (II) sulphate monohydrate): 100mg, Zinc (zinc oxide): 81mg, Manganese (manganous sulphate monohydrate): 50mg, Copper (copper sulphate pentahydrate): 11mg, Iodine (calcium iodate anhydrous): 2.5mg, Selenium (sodium selenite): 0.2mg.

Antioxidants, preservatives, colourings.

The following table is calculated to not provide your dog with more than 11% of the daily energy he needs.

Weight of adult dog (kg) Units/day
2 a 5 3 - 5
5 a 10 5 - 8
10 a 20 8 - 14
20 a 40 14 - 24


Offer your dog at any time as a reward or simply to give him satisfaction. DON'T FORGET to clean the water and food containers daily. It is VERY IMPORTANT to provide clean and fresh water freely available.