What is Compy?

United Petfood Spain has been in the nutrition of dogs and cats for many years.

In 2007, Mercadona entrusted us with the project to develop the whole range of COMPY dry food for the supermarkets they had at that time and those they were opening in their constant expansion in the following years. Later we also launched the range of snacks.

Since then, United Petfood Spain has opted for innovation and for covering all the qualities and the needs of pets. Our guarantee is endorsed by the steady growth of our products under the brand COMPY, which is for us and our customers a sign of quality.

The success of this relationship lies in the synergies achieved with Mercadona and its environment by eliminating everything superfluous and that does not add value to the final producto from the chain. There is no advertising or middlemen, which reduces costs to a minimum and allows us to offer the highest quality at very competitive prices.

Our challenge is to carry on leading all the petfood categories with COMPY the number one brand in Spain.

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